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Why You Should Not Install a Satellite Dish On Your Roof

If you think about a satellite dish, more often than not you are going to picture it on a rooftop as it is high up and can get an unobstructed line to the sky necessary to receive the signal. The team here at Roof Right, a roofing company in Baltimore, MD, is here to tell you why you should NOT install a satellite dish on your roof.

Why You Should NOT Install a Satellite Dish On Your Roof

When you mount anything to your roof, holes must be drilled through the shingles and substrate. Anytime you put a hole in your roof, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to potential leaks.   It’s better to ask the satellite dish company to install the satellite dish on the rake fascia board which is just below the roofline on the side or have a licensed roofer install a comm deck dish mount so that the fasteners are not exposed.

Weather Damage

Maryland typically receives between 40-45” of rain per year.  Every inch of rain provides an opportunity to penetrate around the penetrations created to mount the satelite dish and cause damage to your plywood and eventually down to your drywall.  

High winds can loosen the brackets and the dish overtime which compounds the potential for water intrusion.   Why take a chance?  Our best advice is to have it mounted on the side of the roof or if necessary, Roof Right can install a dish mount so that you don’t damage your roof and have any long term concerns.

Warranty Issues

One thing that most homeowners aren’t aware of is that by drilling holes through all your roof’s layers to install the dish, you could actually void the warranty. These warranties are supposed to protect your home, so having it voided over a satellite dish is not worth it. Make sure that you consult your roofer before installing anything on your roof to see if your warranty will stay intact.

Removal Refusal

If you decide that the satellite dish isn’t worth it, or you want to cut cable altogether, you may be out of luck getting the dish removed. Most satellite companies will refuse to remove the dish from your roof because they do not want to be liable for roof damage. Once you do get the dish removed from your roof, your roof will have holes and exposures. You will need to contact roofing experts to repair the damaged shingles.

So Where Do I Install It?

Most companies agree that if you are going to install a satellite dish, you should install it on either a pole mount or on the side of your home. One of the best places to install a dish on the side of your home is on your fascia. This is a great place because the dish will not be as exposed to wind and water.

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