What Winter Does To Your Roof, Windows, And Gutters

Wintertime is fast approaching, and with it can come some negative effects to your home. Ice, snow, rain and the bitter cold temperatures can significantly affect your roof, windows, and gutters, and even cause a considerable amount of damage. Below is a more detailed look at what winter does to your roof, windows, and gutters.

What Winter Does To Your Roof, Windows, And Gutters

So What Does Winter Do To Your Roof, Windows, and Gutters


There are several ways that the cold winter weather can negatively affect your roof. When heavy amounts of snow and ice accumulate on your roof, the weight of it all pushes down on your roof. Because of this, your roof is more susceptible to wear and tear. If the weight of the heavy snow and ice becomes too much for your roof to handle, it runs the risk of collapsing. Typically, most residential roofs are capable of withholding 20 pounds per square foot of snow before stress occurs. 

It’s important to remember the fact that packed snow weighs significantly more than new snow. Since a foot of new snow typically weighs around 5 pounds, that means that an ordinary roof can withstand around 4 feet of new snow. However, packed snow is an entirely different animal. Around 3-5 inches of packed snow is all it takes to reach the 5 pound mark, meaning that anything more than two feet of packed snow can cause big time stress on your roof. 

You also need to watch out for snow freezing on your roof. This can lead to ice dams wreaking havoc on your roof by trapping water on your roof, gutters, and downspouts. Ice buildup on your eaves can sit and expose your home to an influx in moisture. You can typically tell if this may be happening by checking for icicles. 


If you are experiencing frosty windows this winter, you may want to intervene. Frost on windows occurs when there is a buildup of moisture inside your home. This moisture reacts to the cold temperatures outside your home to form frost on your windows. When this frost melts, it will become liquid and can seep into your window frame and your walls. Also, the leftover moisture can cause mold. To prevent the buildup of mold and avoid water damage, you can weather seal your windows with weather stripping. Once it is installed, cover any gaps with caulk. 


If your gutters have ice buildup in them, water will be unable to move away from your roof. This can lead to significant water damage if left untreated. Not only that, but ice buildup can cause your gutter to pull away from your home and become loose. That is why we recommend that you routinely clean your gutters, about once or twice a year. If you have trees that hang over your gutters, make sure that you clean more often.

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