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Have you ever looked up at your roof and wondered what the pipe that is sticking out of the roof is for? These pipes are called a Pipe collar and they are very important to the everyday functionality of your home. At Roof Right, a roofing company in Maryland, we get our fair share of homeowners asking us about their pipe collars and the purpose that they serve. So let’s take a look at what pipe collars are and the role they play in our homes. 

What are pipe collars?

Pipe collars are covers fitted around the small pipe sticking out of the roof of your home. They play an essential role in the overall function of your residential home as they are used to allow gas and air to escape through the attic. They’re also connected to the plumbing system and allow any rainwater to come down the pipe and flush through the plumbing. 

Pipe collar leaks

Pipe collars are often the main cause of roof leaks in residential homes next to storm damage and missing shingles. It’s mainly due to wear and tear overtime, especially when the pipe collars are made out of rubber or plastic because they tend to crack due to excessive sun exposure. A damaged pipe collar can cause water to seep through and rot the plywood sheathing. Another reason why leaks might occur at pipe collars is because of poor installation. Pipe collars generally cover the shingles and have a sealant applied to make it watertight. If you’re wondering how you can check your pipe collar for signs of leaks, it’s much harder to spot as it may seem because pipe collar leaks often go undetected. If your attic is properly insulated, the water will dry out before you notice it and the cycle will keep going until the plywood starts to rot. The best approach to this situation would be to have a routine roof inspection from a professional.

How to fix it

When fixing a pipe collar, there are a couple things to consider when doing so. For starters, fixing a pipe collar primarily means replacing it with a new one, which comes with its own set of challenges. Since the collars are attached to the shingles itself, you will need to replace them as well along with anything that was damaged from the leak. Luckily, pipe collar repairs are relatively affordable if you decide to contract it to a professional. You also have the option of doing it yourself but we highly advise against it because it’s a dangerous job.   

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