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What Is Roof Decking?

There are many different elements that make up a roof. While it may seem that shingles are the most important part of your roof, there is actually another piece of the puzzle that too often goes unnoticed and too often neglected. That piece is your roof decking, and it’s crucial that you know about it. So, what is roof decking?

What is Roof Decking

Roof decking (also known as sheathing) is one of the most important parts of your roof. Decking is the foundation that creates the framing of your roof. They are wooden boards that your shingles and other elements are installed on. 

There are two different types of roof decking: Sheet decking and plank decking.

Sheet Decking

Sheet decking is the most common type of decking. Sheet decking consists of flat sheets of typically either plywood or OSB (oriented strand board). OSB is what most roof decks are made of nowadays as it is the least expensive.  A better option is ½” 4 ply CDX or “real” plywood.  This will give your roof the best foundation for a quality long lasting roof replacement.

Plank Decking

Plank Decking was the norm in the roofing world before the introduction of plywood and is most common on older homes. Plank decking consists of rectangular boards that lay in succession on your roof. Picture an old school hardwood floor, but up on your roof. In the current day and age, it’s not a very common method for construction roof decking, but older homes will most likely have them, which means a decking replacement may be overdue.  The condition of the planks, size and spacing between the planks are all important when installing your new roof.  Asphalt shingle manufacturers have specific roof deck requirements that must be met in order for them to honor their warranty.

When To Replace My Roof Decking

When you’re in the market for a roof replacement, make sure that you check to see if your decking needs replaced as well. If you own an older home that hasn’t had a roof replacement, your decking is more than likely to have signs of rotting. Unfortunately, your contractor won’t know how much of your decking needs replacement until after the roof tear-off process. If there is extensive damage, you will need your decking replaced before the new roof can be installed.   Performing an attic inspection of the wood is recommended so there are no surprises the day of the project.

Neglecting your decking will lead to the lifespan of your roof decreasing dramatically. Rotted decking can cause extensive leaking and water damage to reach your attic, as well as other parts of your home.

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