The Benefits of Polyiso Insulation

Here at Roof Right, a roofing company in Carroll County, MD, we are often asked about the benefits of polyiso insulation. Polyiso insulation is an insulation method that is becoming more and more popular amongst homeowners in the United States, and it is no secret why. So, let’s take a closer look at what polyiso insulation is and why you should get it for your home.

The Benefits of Polyiso Insulation

Saving Money on Energy Bills

One of the best things that you can do as a homeowner to cut down on high energy costs all year long is by utilizing quality insulation. One of the best types of insulation that you can use to ensure that your energy bill is as low as possible is by opting for polyurethane and polyiso foam insulation.

 Polyurethane and polyiso foams create air barriers in attics, walls, and under the floors, which will protect these areas from any outside elements. Buildings that utilize polyiso foam insulation most likely won’t require as big of a heating or air conditioning unit as buildings without this type of insulation, meaning the building owner will save much more money on top of reduced energy costs.

 In addition to saving money on energy, your home will also be helping the environment. Because your home is using less energy, that means that your home requires less fossil fuels and ends up emitting less greenhouse gases than other homes.

Safe From the Outside Air

Polyiso foam insulation is best for keeping your home safe from outside air. Without proper insulation, air can make its way into your home from cracks in floors, attics, exterior walls, and foundations, which will deplete your home’s energy efficiency and bring in dust and other pollutants. With this air barrier created by polyiso foam insulation, your home’s ventilation system as well as the rest of your home will be safe from any unwanted outside air, as well as any of the potentially harmful side effects that outside air so often can bring into your home.

Much More Comfortable

Another great benefit of using polyiso insulation is the comfort. Since polyiso insulation blocks air movement, it creates a barrier around your building. This barrier will help in blocking out dust, pollen, and other unhealthy elements from the outside. Polyiso insulation also prevents the buildup of condensation and moisture, which will keep your home from developing mold and mildew. Polyiso insulation can also block out surrounding noise from your neighborhood, allowing you to have a more quiet time at home, and a more peaceful night’s sleep.

Super Versatile

An additional benefit of polyiso insulation is that it is incredibly versatile. Polyurethane products for both indoor and outdoor use are very plentiful, meaning that you have much more flexibility when it comes to installation and design. While most insulation types have to fit into uniform spaces such as studs or rafters, polyiso foam insulation conforms to nearly each and every size or shape. Even the most unusual framing design in your home can be properly insulated and sealed by using polyiso insulation, whether it be a bay window or an angled wall.

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