When a major storm passes through an area, one of the primary concerns for the majority of people is the damage to their home. Roof Right, on the other hand,  can assist you following a storm in ensuring that storm damage to your roof, siding, windows, or gutters is repaired quickly and effectively. We want to ensure that the storm has no immediate or lasting impact on your home. Filing a storm damage claim is critical to the recovery process following the storm. Not only can you have your home repaired quickly, but you might also qualify for upgrades to meet current codes. Here are a few reasons why timely filing your insurance claim is prudent.

Steps To Take When You Have Encountered Storm Damage To Your Home

Step 1: Contact us.

If you suspect that your roof has sustained damage during a storm, the first thing you should do is contact us so that one of our experts can conduct a thorough inspection of your roof. We will inspect your property for any signs of water, wind, or hail damage and, if repairs are necessary, provide you with an estimate so you know exactly how much the repairs will cost.

Step 2: Submit a Claim to Your Insurance Company

This is an area in which we enjoy assisting our clients, so allow us to guide you through the insurance process. We can assist you in filing a claim, answering any questions you may have about your storm coverage, and ensuring that when the adjuster comes to conduct their own inspection, they provide you with the correct estimate, ensuring that everything is covered properly.

Step3: Schedule Repairs or Installations

Once your insurance claim is resolve settled, all you need to do is notify us when you’d like us to come out and repair or install your roof for you. Because we understand how critical it is to get in and repair storm damage as quickly as possible. We work diligently to complete repairs in less than two weeks from the time you call.

What Kinds of Damage Can Storms Inflict on Your Home?

Knowing what storm damage can do to your home can assist you in determining when you should contact us for storm damage repair. While some types of damage, such as downed trees or missing shingles, are obvious, others are much subtler and can only be detected by an expert during a thorough inspection.

The most significant damage occurs in the weeks and months following the storm, if the issue is not addressed. Even the tiniest leak in your roof allows water to seep in, causing a variety of problems in your home, including mold and wood rot. Not only can mold make you and your family ill, but it can also compromise your home’s structural integrity.Mold is not healthy for your family and it’s important to stop the leak before you experience costly wood repairs.

We always recommend contacting us immediately a roofing company in Maryland if you suspect storm damage to avoid suffering the consequences. When the damage is limited to the roof, we a licensed roofing contractor can repair it quickly and inexpensively. However, if the problem becomes severe, you may have to hire a mold abatement company to need to tear out walls and replace insulation and interior structures in order to eradicate the mold from your home.treat the mold.

If you’ve experienced recent storms and suspect damage, the prudent course of action is to contact Roof Right, where we can schedule an inspection and prevent water damage from becoming a problem. Contact us immediately!