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Helpful Tips on Preparing Your Home for Severe Weather

During severe weather, your house may endure brutal conditions from the heavy rains or gusting winds. Take the time now to properly equip and prepare your home with the accessories it will need to survive the storm. Here are some helpful tips for preparing your home for severe weather. Tip #1: Seal all windows and doors Walk the exterior and interior of your home to make sure that all windows and doors are properly secure and there are no cracks or gaps in the windows or doors. This will prevent wind and water from entering the home during severe weather. Tip #2: Remeber your roof and gutters Prior to the storm’s arrival, it would be important to check your homes roof and gutters. A roof in good condition can shield the interior of your home from the storm outside. Gutters that have been properly maintained and cleaned will help to funnel the water away from the home. Tip#3: Point drain spouts away from the home When walking the exterior of your home, make sure to check all of your drains spouts making sure to see they are connected to the gutters and properly pointed away from the house. This will help prevent water from entering the home via the foundation.

Severe Weather - Walking the property
Tip #4: Clean up the yard Yard work before a storm can go a long way in making sure that your home is not damaged from flying objects during a storm. So make sure to remove all dead and dying limbs from your trees, secure lawn furniture, trash cans, flowerpots, and other yard ornaments, and pick up any kids toys. If you cannot secure the law furniture outside it may be best to store them in the garage until the storm has passed. Tip #5: Prepare for a power outage Make sure that you have plenty of flashlights, water, and non-perishable food items in the event that the power goes out during a storm. Also, charge all cell phones and lines of communication prior to the storm so you have a way to contact your Electrical Company or Point of Contacts. Tip #6: Sign up for weather alerts Knowing what is coming can go a long way in taking preventative measures. Some of the best websites to check out are Accuweather, The Weather Channel, and The National Weather Service.

Severe Weather Measures with Roof Right

If you are worried that your roof or gutters will not stand up to the storm, please call the professionals at Roof Right for help. We have a preventative maintenance program that will identify any potential issues that may arise during severe weather, as well as an emergency response team in case severe weather does hit.