Is the leak from my ridge vent?

The roof is supposed to protect your home from the elements. Its worst enemy, however, is water penetration. Complete roof replacement is your best option if you notice leaks starting to form, and your roof is older, but leaking ridge vents can be repaired. It’s best to have a professional inspect your roof.

Is the leak from my ridge vent?

What Are Roof Ridge Vents?

Roofs need to “breathe”, and a ridge vent is essential to helping air circulate properly in your attic.  

When an attic doesn’t have proper ventilation, hot air and moisture become the enemy of your roof.   Asphalt shingle roofs, for example, are “baked” over time by the heat in the attic, causing them to deteriorate a lot more quickly.

Why Do Ridge Vents Leak?

Ridge vents are not supposed to leak.   In most cases, leaky vents are due to poor installation.  There are specific types and sizes of nails, for instance, that your roofers should use. Ridge vent section overlaps also require a specific measurement. Professionals follow such technical requirements whether for new roof construction or roof leak repair projects.  Experts also understand the size and material needed for buildings located in specific climates.

The Different Types of Ridge Vents

Metal Ridge Vent – 

These aluminum-style ridge vents are not as popular as they once were, but are still used in some cases.  As seen in the below picture, they are an aluminum cap that is secured at the ridge of your home to allow hot air to expel through the ridge and help with ventilation.  Unfortunately, these have exposed fasteners that do get jarred loose with wind and storms.  Because of this, they do tend to be more susceptible to leaks. It is recommended to have a roof inspection at least once a year to look for this and other potential issues.

Rolled Ridge Vent –  

The rolled ridge vent is similar to the air filter material you use in your AC units for your home.  They get rolled out over the ridge and then covered with cap shingles.

Externally Baffled Ridge Vent –  

The externally baffled ridge vent is generally made of hard plastic that gets secured to your roof at the ridge.  Ridge caps are then secured on top to give a nice, finished look that complements and blends in with the rest of your roof.

Externally Baffled Ridge Vent –  

While ridge vents can be a source of your leak issues, if they are properly installed by a reputable, licensed roofer, they are an important piece of your home to help you roof reach it’s true life expectancy.

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