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How to Repair a Leaky Flat Roof

Having a leaky roof in your commercial building is one of the most frustrating things that can happen as a property owner. If you have an office in Maryland, you most likely have a flat roof. We at Roof Right have put together a step by step walkthrough of how to repair a leaky flat roof:

Leaky Skylight

How to Repair a Leaky Flat Roof

Before we go over how to repair a leaky flat roof, we must first understand what it is that may be causing the leak. Once you are familiar with the most common causes of flat roof leaks, then you can take the proper steps to prevent any future leaks and damage. The most common causes of flat roof leaks are:

  • Sun damage that can cause cracks in the roof or its seams
  • Damage to the top coat or roof flashing
  • A buildup of water or ice due to poor drainage capability
  • Standing water caused by heavy rain
  • Natural wear and tear due to the age of your roof

Now, not every property owner has the allocated budget set aside to replace their roof and a roof repair may be a better option.  A roof professional will inspect the underside of the roof deck and walk the entire surface of the roof to inspect the field of the roof, penetrations, drains, flashing & seams.   Based on the current roofing system, age and cause of the leak a repair may be an option.  Regular maintenance and inspections are required on most of the roof membranes to maintain your warranty.  Roof Right works with both residential and commercial flat roofs so if you are experiencing a leak, have one of our trained professionals inspect your roof.

 If a new roof is required, Roof Right will review your options that fit your building, current codes, budget and warranty needs.  Contact Roof Right today if you have a leak or concerns about your flat roof.


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