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How To Fix A Leak Around A Chimney

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Are you dealing with a troublesome chimney leak that’s causing water damage to your home? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you how to fix a leak around a chimney, providing a solution to protect your home and family from further damage. If you ever need professional roof repairs or replacements, remember that Roof Right is here for you. As a family-owned roofing company serving Maryland homeowners since 1994, we bring expertise and reliability to every project. Contact us to ensure your roof remains in top condition. 

How to fix a leak around a chimney

Signs You Have a Leak Around a Chimney 

If you suspect you have a leak around your chimney, it’s essential to recognize the signs of chimney damage early on. Here are some common indications of a chimney leak: 

  • Water in the Firebox: Finding water in your firebox is a clear sign of a chimney leak. 
  • Dampness/Staining on Interior Walls and Ceiling: Look for dampness or staining on the walls and ceiling inside your home near the chimney. 
  • Musty Odors: If you detect musty odors coming from the firebox or the attic, it could be a sign of a chimney leak. 
  • White Discoloration (Efflorescence): Exterior masonry of the chimney may show white discoloration, known as efflorescence, which can be a sign of water infiltration. 
  • Chimney Liner Damage: Damage to the chimney liner can contribute to leaks. 
  • Damper Issues: A damper that won’t open or close properly due to rust may indicate a chimney leak. These signs often suggest that the leak has been ongoing for some time, and early damage might not be easily noticeable without a professional chimney inspection. 

How Do Leaks Around a Chimney Start? 

Chimney leaks can originate from three main sources: 

  • Flowing in from the Top: When a chimney lacks a cap or its crown is cracked or broken, water can flow down into the flue, leading to a leak. 
  • Damaged Roof Flashing: If the material that seals the chimney to the roof is damaged or warped, water can run down the exterior of the chimney, causing decay in the masonry. 
  • Cracks in Bricks and Mortar: Harsh weather conditions, snow, and rain can lead to cracks in the chimney’s bricks and mortar. When water freezes, it expands, causing additional damage to the masonry. 

How to Fix a Leak Around a Chimney 

Addressing water penetration through your roof is crucial. If you suspect a chimney leak, it might be related to gaps in the chimney flashing. If you’re comfortable working on your roof, a DIY fix might be the solution. Here’s how to fix a roof leak around a chimney: 

  • Inspect the Chimney Flashing: Place an extension ladder in a stable location and climb onto the roof. Examine the chimney flashing, clearing away any debris that might obstruct your view. Check all edges thoroughly to locate gaps allowing water to enter. 
  • Remove Deteriorated Sealant: Use a chisel and wire brush to remove loose or deteriorated sealant. 
  • Apply Fresh Flashing Sealant: Apply fresh flashing sealant around all edges of the flashing. Cut a hole in the tube tip to produce a 1/4-inch bead of sealant. If any flashing was loose, apply sealant behind the loose edges. 
  • Secure Loose Flashing: To secure loose flashing, use a hammer drill to attach more masonry screws to the flashing. 
  • Cover Screw Heads: Cover exposed screw heads with sealant. 
  • Test the Repair: After the sealant dries, test the repair by using a garden hose to run water around the chimney for 5 minutes. If the leak persists, look for any missed gaps and apply more sealant. 

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