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How Long Does A Metal Roof Last in Maryland?

One of the more attractive alternatives to asphalt shingles in recent years has been metal roofing. Perhaps you’re a homeowner looking for a roof replacement and want to take this opportunity to give your home a new look. After all, metal roofs are the more expensive option, so maybe you want to show off to your neighbors a little bit.  Or perhaps you simply want a roof that lasts longer. Experts will tell you that a metal roof lasts significantly longer than an asphalt roof, but just how much longer exactly? Also, how does living in Maryland affect that lifespan? Let’s take a look:

How Long Does A Metal Roof Last in Maryland

There are two types of metal roofs that we are going to take a look at and break down lifespan, as well as take weather conditions into consideration. First up is a standing seam metal roof. 

Standing Seam Metal Roof Lifespan

A standing seam metal roof consists of a series of panels locked in at the seams. What this does is allow for the panels to expand and contract in accordance with the weather conditions. When the metal heats, the panels expand. When the metal cools down, it contracts. A standing seam metal roof will normally come with a 30-year warranty due to the Kynar 500 finish. However, if properly installed and regularly coated, a Standing Seam Metal Roof could last over 50 years. With Maryland’s occasional wind and hail storms, there may be a slight decrease in lifespan, but not nearly as significant as the decrease of an asphalt roof.

Screw Down Panel Metal Roof Lifespan

Screw Down Panel Metal Roofs or exposed faster systems still last a long time, but not as long as a standing seam metal roof. Unlike the standing seam metal roofs, the fasteners are exposed and are really not meant to be installed above liveable space.  Exposed fastener roof systems are meant more for barns or pole buildings.   Screw down panels need to be sealed at year ten and need to be maintained frequently.  Screw down panel metal roofs typically have a lifespan of around 25-30 years, but that lifespan can decrease depending on installation, maintenance, and weather conditions.

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