Frequently Asked Questions About Cedar Roofs

At Roof Right, a roofing contractor in Hampstead, Maryland, we work with many different types and styles of roofs. One of the biggest things we get questions on is about Cedar Roofs. So, with this piece we wanted to address frequently asked questions about cedar roofs and help you understand this type of roof even better.

What is the difference between a shake and a shingle?

A shingle is sawn on both sides and is thinner at the butt than a shake. A shake is usually thicker and is typically split on one or both sides. Shingles are more precisely milled than shakes and provide a more refined appearance. Shakes provide a more irregular, rustic appearance. Functionally, the most important difference between shakes and shingles is that shingles are milled more precisely than shakes allowing them to lay flat.

How are cedar shakes and shingles manufactured?

Shingles are sawn on both sides from a block of cedar. Cedar shingles are usually manufactured using a stationary upright saw. The cedar block is moved through the path of the saw creating angled cuts with each stroke. After being cut from the block the shingles are then trimmed to make square corners. Shakes are still manufactured by hand and are split straight from the block. The shakes are then sawn end to end at an angle creating a shake that is sawn on one side and split at the other.

What is the lifespan of a cedar roof?

The expectancy of a cedar roof will depend on many factors. Some of these factors include age, environment, quality of installation, and care/maintenance. The average lifespan of a cedar roof is approximately 30-40 years. Climate, exposure, and proximity to salt water may also impact the longevity of a cedar roof. It is recommended that you investigate the lifespan of cedar roofs in your area. Generally, the lifespan of a shake roof is slightly longer.

How much will it cost?

The cost of a new cedar roof can truthfully be quite expensive and will depend on factors such as size and shape of the roof as well as the availability of the product.

How wind resistant are cedar roofs?

Cedar roofs are naturally wind and weather resistant. Cedar shakes and shingles have been tested for their quality and durability against wind/weather damage. Cedar roofs also do great with hail and ice conditions.

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