Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Replacement? 

As with most homeowner’s insurance claims, you might be left wondering to yourself “does homeowners insurance cover roof replacement?” Well, that is a great question and an answer that varies from policy to policy and company to company. 

If you suspect that you have roof damage caused by severe weather such as hail or high winds, it might be possible that repair or replacement could in fact be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Normal wear and tear and workmanship are not typically covered unfortunately. 

If you see damage to your roof or see shingles laying in your yard you can contact your insurance company to file a claim or you can have a licensed roof inspect the damage to get more information to determine if a claim may be warranted.

It’s important to note that insurance companies back out the deductible before the claim is paid and the deductible amount is paid to the contractor.  It is illegal and considered insurance fraud if the contractor waives the cost of the deductible or builds it into the cost of the estimate

Be Wary of Storm Chasers

When areas are hit by severe weather, storm chasers usually aren’t far behind. In our industry, storm chasers are usually fly-by-night companies that look to capitalize on storm damage. They often canvas door-to-door after storms asking if the homeowner would like them to get on the roof to assess any damage. Storm chasers typically complete the bare minimum of the claim and are not worried about the longevity of the new roof installation.   Instead, look for well established local roofing companies that specialize in roofing and have experience with working with insurance companies.

Always hire a contractor that is licensed and insured. Ask your contractor for their credentials prior to enlisting their services, and ask them for a written contract/estimate for the work to be performed.

Roof Right, Inc. is a local roofing contractor with 25 years of experience.  Roof Right specializes in working with homeowners to ensure that insurance companies cover the damage to your home.  We have the knowledge and expertise to provide the line item estimates required for insurance approval and we’ll make sure that your home is returned to pre-loss condition and any applicable code upgrades are met and covered by your insurance company.  If you believe your home was damaged, please contact us to discuss the next steps.

Need an estimate for your insurance roofing claim?

If your roof has been damaged and you are looking for a roofer to perform an inspection, contact Roof Right today! We offer free estimates on our work and will be happy to help you with your insurance roofing claim.