Common Types of Roof Damage Caused by Snow

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In the frosty embrace of a Maryland winter, the impact of snow on your roof is more than just a picturesque scene. Snow can inflict various forms of damage, posing risks to both the structural integrity of your home and the health of its occupants. As a family-owned exterior home remodeling company, Roof Right has been dedicated to serving Maryland homeowners since 1994. In this guide, we explore common types of roof damage caused by snow, providing insights into potential risks, and offering solutions. If you’re experiencing any signs of roof damage or want to safeguard your home against the winter onslaught, contact Roof Right for expert roof repairs or replacements.

Common Types of Roof Damage Caused by Snow

Roof Collapse

The weight of wet, heavy snow can be a silent menace, capable of jeopardizing the entire structure of your home. If the snow load rating of your roof is exceeded, a catastrophic roof collapse becomes a real threat. Warning signs include sagging ceilings, consistent creaking noises, and difficulty opening and closing windows and doors. Roof Right emphasizes the importance of monitoring these signs and recommends immediate action to prevent fatal injuries or costly property damage.

Downspout and Gutter Damage

The accumulation of ice in gutters and downspouts during a prolonged winter can result in significant damage. The weight of ice can cause gutters to crack or pull away from the roof’s edge. Often stemming from insufficient pre-winter clearing of leaves and debris, these blockages can be easily prevented through regular maintenance. Roof Right emphasizes the importance of proactive measures, such as gutter cleaning, to avoid costly replacements and ensure the integrity of your drainage system.

Moisture and Mold Growth

The formation of ice dams on your roof can lead to moisture infiltration and mold growth, creating a dual threat to your home. Inadequate attic ventilation, combined with the freeze and thaw cycle, allows water to seep under shingles and into the attic. This moisture not only damages drywall and insulation but also creates an environment conducive to mold growth. Roof Right stresses the importance of addressing ice dams promptly to protect both the structural integrity of your home and the health of your family.

Cracks And Leaks

The freeze and thaw cycle during winter can cause cracks to form on your roof, even if they’re initially small. These hairline cracks can lead to leaks as water freezes in the openings, widening them over time. Homes with skylights are particularly vulnerable, as melting snow can pass through flashing or accumulate inside fixtures, potentially causing damage to the roof and adjacent drywall. Roof Right advises homeowners to address even minor cracks promptly to prevent extensive damage and potential safety hazards.

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