Roof leaks can be frustrating and expensive to fix. The last thing you’d want to see as a homeowner is a wet spot on your ceiling, or noticeable damage to your roof when walking around your house.  At Roof Right, a residential roofing company in Maryland, we have seen our fair share of roof repairs needed due to roof leaks. Let’s take a look at some common causes of roof leaks and what you can do to stop it.

Old Roofs 

A roof that’s gone through a lot of wear and tear over the years is susceptible to leaks and damaging overtime. Constant changes to weather as well as extreme weather conditions can put the roof under a lot of stress and could degrade overtime because of it. You might even be missing some shingles because of it and wonder why you get so many roof leaks every year. This is often a good sign that you need to contact a roofing contractor to have it replaced to prevent further damage to your property. 

Poor Drainage 

Poor roof drainage leaks are more common for commercial properties located in areas with a lot of rain and high winds. This especially applies to those who have flat roofs because most of it is collected on top with no proper outlet for the water. You’re left with water sitting on top of your property waiting to either overflow over the edge or to evaporate overtime. Worst case scenario is that the roof absorbs the water which introduces moisture into the roof and thus damages it. 

Improper sealing and installation 

Having a properly installed roof on your property is very important and can make a difference determining how much you need to spend on repairs per year. Quality roofing installation could save you thousands of dollars a year and could save you from the headache for a long time. Be sure that the contractor doesn’t leave anything unchecked, especially the pipes and ducts. Pipes and ducts run through the attic and without proper sealing, your property could have leaks coming from the roof. Make sure your roof is airtight sealed and that there is no water coming out of it. We also recommend that you look into what shingles work best for your property. Not all shingles are capable with every building, so it’s good to have someone check your roof and see which shingles are good for you.

Damaged roof membrane

A roofing membrane is a barrier between the building interior and the outside elements made to prevent water and moisture from entering the building. Without it, moisture and leaks will enter the building and cause damage.

Common areas of roof leaks

Now that you know some of the common causes of roof leaks, let’s take a look at some of the places to pay extra attention to when spotting rook leaks. These are the common places where roof leaks are more prevalent.


The chimney is one of the most common places where roof leaks occur. This is mostly due to a cracked or damaged flashing. A flashing is a thin strip of metal or plastic that is installed around the roof in areas where they intersect. For this case, the flashing would be going around the chimney and in order to cover the gaps between the roof and the chimney, you would need to seal it with caulk. 

Windows and Skylights

Worn out or improperly installed windows and skylights can lead to roof leaks to your home. The leaks would normally come from the sides and the rubber seal around the glass. If that’s the case, the water barrier for the windows are compromised and you need to get it fixed or replaced. If you notice leaks coming from your windows and sunlight, it is likely due to issues regarding your flashing or just poor installation.

Vent Pipes

Vent pipes often have flashing around it and the top of the vent would be sealed with a rubber boot. Overtime, the flashing would crack and lead to a roof leak due to wear and tear. The rubber boot has a 7 year lifespan at most, so these would require periodic maintenance to prevent any leaks from happening. 

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