The 5 Ways Storm Damage Will Cost You Money

The 5 Ways Storm Damage Will Cost You Money 

When severe weather strikes, homeowners can face an urgent situation if they’re facing damage to their property. In most cases, the potential fallout from this weather is only beginning: While the storm itself can cause initial damage to the home, that damage creates an entry point for additional damage that can bring even more costs, safety hazards, and challenges when it comes to repair. Here are the 5 ways storm damage will cost you money from Roof Right. A residential roofing company in Carroll County, MD 

The 5 Ways Storm Damage Will Cost You Money

The 5 Ways Storm Damage Will Cost You Money

1. Dented Metal Trim & Downspouts

Dented metal trim & downspouts from hail or wind born debris, or torn siding and missing shingles will make your house look like it is in disrepair and decrease its curb appeal. This devalues your property in the eyes of future buyers and appraisers.

2. Hail 

Hail knocks off protective stone granules off your shingles and breaks the fiberglass matt (the backbone) inside the shingle that holds it all together.  This will lead to the shingles prematurely aging and breaking down which will cause leaks into the house damaging ceiling finishes, wall finishes, and creating an environment for mold to grow if left unchecked.

3. Wind Storms

Wind storms can break the seals on the shingles and then break off the lower part of the shingle.  This exposes the roofing nails and the joints between the shingles, allowing water to leak through your roof and damage ceilings, light fixtures, walls, etc. that can be costly to repair.

4. Homeowner’s Insurance

You have been paying homeowner’s insurance to help repair your home when a sudden event, like a storm, causes damage to your home.  You have it for a reason.  If you do have significant storm damage and don’t use this tool that you have been paying for every year, that is a wasted investment that you can never get back.

5. Incomplete Insurance Claim

When the insurance adjuster inspects your home for damage, they write the claim for what you currently have installed.  Many times builders or general contractors skip certain items that are required by building codes to be installed on your home.  If it is not challenged and corrected, the insurance company doesn’t pay it, and you pay it without knowing that your insurance company owes that money, not you.

Need an Estimate on Your Roof for Storm Damage? 

Storm damage can be near impossible to see from the ground, and climbing on your roof can be incredibly dangerous without the proper equipment and skills. Filing an insurance claim can be intimidating and confusing.  The process can be complicated and the paperwork confusing.

We are a local, family-owned, and operated roofing company.  We are not storm chasers, but we are Insurance Exterior Restoration Specialists.  We can inspect your home for significant storm damage, let you know if there is any damage, or if you don’t, we will let you know that too.  At least you will have peace of mind. We will supply you pictures of any damage, an estimate of what any repairs would be, and help guide you with the insurance claim process. 

To schedule a NO COST inspection, give us a call and ask to be scheduled with Travis, our insurance restoration expert and HAAG Certified Inspector